Tarot for the blind and visually impaired. Major Arcana - set


Set includes: 22 Major Arcana cards + a guidebook + an audiobook, all packed in a box

The only one in Poland – and the only one in the world – deck of Tarot cards for the blind and visually impaired. This deck breaks down cognitive barriers and invites the partially sighted to the world of Tarot for the first time in the history of this esoteric art. The product is unique and high-class. Its production and format are to meet special needs of the blind with the aid of intended writing system and techniques. This deck can also be used by sighted people, as its specification is not only limited to disabled people. That is what makes the product original.

Title: Tarot for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Major Arcana
Author: Joanna Czerny
Publisher: Wróżka Cesaria Joanna Czerny
Language of publication: Polish and English
Original language: Polish
First edition
Year of publication: 2020
ISBN: 978-83-958266-0-3
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Language version Polish and English
Printing transparent (standard English and Braille characters)
Graphics intended tactile graphics’ design for visually impaired + standard graphics for non-disabled
Paper 400g/m2
Printing method multilayer printing, featuring UV ink
Format 165×110 mm


Language version Polish and English
Printing: transparent (standard English and Braille characters)
Paper 160g/m2
Binding: soft, laminated, chalk overlay paper 350g/m2, coil binding
Number of pages: 105
Format 30x298x215 mm
ISBN 978-83-958266-1-0



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