She provides her services as part of her business activity under the pseudonym “Wróżka Cesaria Joanna Czerny”, and as such is being legally protected in Poland. The protection right for the trademark “Wróżka Cesaria” no. 310883 has been valid since 30/01/2018.

In addition to individual consultations, during which she not only foretells the future, but also advises, warns and makes suggestions, she also delivers useful predictions for Poland and the world in nationwide media. She talks with a lot of affection about her passion and calling in press, radio and television interviews, and has already been a guest of many known radio stations, TV programmes and other sources in Poland, such as: Radio Opole, Polskie Radio Katowice, TVP3 Katowice and Telewizja Regionalna TVT. On top of that, “Super Expres”, “” and “” readers rely on the horoscopes that she continually prepares. She is a member of the Europejski Klub Kobiet Biznesu, which associates women related to business.

Awarded by the I.D. MEDIA with two titles given to businesswomen:
- Lwica Biznesu 2021
- Kobieta, która inspiruje 2020
Joanna Czerny is the author of columns in books edited by Ilona Adamska:
- "Listy płynące z serca. Kobiety dla kobiet", the book’s aim is to inspire women to change their lives,
- "Siła prawdy. O trudnej sztuce bycia sobą", which focuses on promoting living in harmony with our values ​​and beliefs,
- "LWICE BIZNESU. Kobiety sukcesu o pasji w biznesie", where many businesswomen share their tips and stories.
And also appeared as an expert in two books by Anna Guzior-Rutyna:
- "Jak znaleźć faceta i dobrze wyjść za mąż", which points the way to finding a good man and getting married well, and
- "Jak przeżyć rozwód", on the other hand, helps women to get through a divorce.



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