A new profession for the blind and visually impaired

Although the profession of a Tarot reader in Poland is not present on the statutory list of professions, it functions very well in the professional space. More and more people who are passionate about Tarot turn their hobbies into work. The rules of economic freedom in our country enable entrepreneurs to pursue their profession with passion, not necessarily needing education.

Fortune-teller in the Polish Classification of Professions and Specialties

At the position 516102 of the Polish Classification of Professions and Specialties, established on the basis of art. 36 sec. 8 of the Act of 20 April 2004 on employment promotion and labor market institutions, is listed the profession of a fortune-teller. This profession is somewhat broader than that of a Tarot reader, who is also a fortune-teller. From a practical point of view, a Tarot reader is a fortune-teller who uses the deck of Tarot cards. However, the methods of fortune-telling are many, as are the specialties in fortune-telling, e.g. the Kabbalist (who uses Kabbalah), the runist (who uses Runes), and the numerologist (who uses Numerology). There are many methods of fortune-telling and you should not limit yourself to only one, but you can also specialize and be a master in the one you choose. To better illustrate the difference between a fortune-teller and a Tarot reader, I will use the comparative method. A fortune-teller is a broader term, just like a doctor, and a Tarot reader is a specialty, just like a dentist. Thus, you can perform the specialty of a Tarot reader as part of the profession of a fortune-teller. According to the quoted article, art. 36 sec. 8 of the Act, a fortune-teller belongs to the industry with a graceful name, that is, other personal services workers, which means that it is not just any profession.

Can a blind or visually impaired person be a Tarot reader?

The term Tarot reader comes from the terminology of the tool that is used professionally, that is, from the word Tarot. This means that a person with limited vision can perform this profession if they master the art of fortune-telling from Tarot cards. Until recently, it was impossible, because among the various decks of Tarot cards on the market it was difficult to find one that would be adapted for the visually impaired. I have decided as the first Tarot reader in the world to publish a deck specifically adjusted to the limited cognitive and visual abilities of blind and visually impaired people.

Buy a deck, develop new interests and work

On this website, you have the option to purchase the world’s only deck of Tarot cards for the blind and visually impaired. You will not find another one like this anywhere, so if you want to learn Tarot, sow passion and learn new skills, do it now. Then learn each card, get accustomed to them, practice a lot. If you feel that you want to do this kind of work, consistently go in this direction. For starters, you need the tools that you get from me. After that, the rest depends on you. I give you a chance to develop and enter the job market in a new role. You can be self-employed as an entrepreneur, cooperate with other business entities or work for someone. You can search for job offers on various websites – I personally recommend Jobsora.com.

Tarot reader – a profitable profession

Contrary to appearances, the profession of Tarot reader is very profitable. Although it may seem that it is a rare profession to which most people are skeptical, the demand for services of this professional group in Poland is huge. Believe me, people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of Tarot and the benefits they can get from Tarot counseling. In my opinion, the number of people using the services of a Tarot reader is increasing, because the scale of problems that people cannot cope with is increasing. Then they look for support not only from a psychologist or a coach, but also from a Tarot reader. You can earn money in this profession, however, you must know that this is a social profession, and your intentions must be aimed at helping other people, and not at making fortune by harming someone else.

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